Testing The Street Outlaws El Camino on The Streets!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Whoever made up the expression “time flies” certainly was not lying. Four years ago doesn’t seem like it’s really that far in the rearview mirror but when you actually break out a video clip from 2013 and see exactly what was happening at that time, the expression comes to life.

This time, the throwback in question comes from none other than the Elco as we’re taken along for the ride on a 2013 test session in the streets that showcases what this thing was capable of when it hit the roadways with a vengeance. The car was definitely impressive back then but it almost seems like a different animal these days!

Check out the video below as it gives you a unique look at what went on in between races for the late, great, Flip, one of the members of the Street Outlaws that takes you along for a nostalgic walk down memory lane to check out some old school footage of one of our favorites!