That is Mean! The "Someone Hit Your Porsche Prank" is Savage!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Prank videos are some of our favorites, especially ones that are actually harmless in the end.

This video is s a perfect example of one such prank, and these guys pulled it off perfectly. The premise is simple: leaving a note on a car that you’d dinged their door or fender, for example, when no actual damage had occurred.

Watch as victim after victim falls prey to these guys, showing varying levels of anger after reading the note and searching frantically for the damage. Some of them are surprisingly nonchalant about the whole situation, and others are downright livid, despite no actual damage being present.

This is definitely the type of video we could see ourselves pulling on some innocent folks with nice rides, and we just might do that some day, if the need arises.