The All New 2018 Sea-Doo LinQ System Explained

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

I personally have a love/hate relationship with jet skis ever since I was catapulted off of one at approximately 64 MPH, sent skimming across the water like a stone, and coming to rest with my lungs full of forcefully-injected lake water. I also lost my brand new sunglasses in that little incident and I’ve been pretty mad about it ever since.

However, there’s no denying that PWC’s are pretty cool and they get to be a little cooler each year as innovative new features find their way onboard. This video from the boatsales YouTube channel, dives into the 2018 Sea-Doo WakePro 230 and some of the awesome new features on the premiere model in the Sea-Doo lineup. The cool LinQ system is a simple but effective setup that allows riders to quickly and easily add and remove accessories, securing them to the rear of the PWC. There’s a modular cooler, fuel can, and dry-storage container, all of which attach and release in seconds thanks to the LinQ system.

But there’s more to the system than that. The rear section of the seat also detaches, allowing more room for sunbathing on the rear of the craft, or it can be attached to the rear section, leaving room for a picnic between the seats.

Finally, there’s an attachment for a ski pylon just under the rear of the seat. With just a few clicks and a twist, the attachment for the ski rope is in place and ready to tow skiers and wake boarders behind the WakePro 230, making it a fully-featured ski boat wrapped up neatly in the form of a PWC.

Not only does this thing look like a lot of fun, it actually looks stable enough to keep me from flying off at dang-near-top speed, which may help restore my faith in jet skis and get me back on one some day! I guess time will tell on that.