The Atom Splitter 300 Ton Log Splitter (Works from all Hydraulic Augers)

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/18/2021

We’ve been on a woodsplitter kick lately, as we find these machines fascinating and fun to watch. While most of the ones we have shared focus on churning out fireplace-ready sized chunks of wood, this one is a simple log splitter that is every bit as fun to watch!

The Atom Splitter is as basic as it gets as far as concept: screw a tapered screw into a log with enough force and the log will split in half. Attaching easily to the PTO on any tractor or appropriately-equipped lawnmower, the Atom Splitter is basically a huge tapered screw that uses a driveshaft from the tractor’s PTO to spin itself into the log. Once the screw is burrowing into the log, it’s a simple matter of physics as the widening screw digs farther in, pushing the two halves of the log apart.

Even the longest and largest-diameter sections of fallen tree are no match for the Atom Splitter. Plus, its fun to watch, and who doesn’t love that crackling sound wood makes as it’s splitting?