The Best and Worst First Cars to Buy

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Once you have gotten your feet a little bit wet in the world of wheels, you can kind of pick apart which cars are interesting to you to purchase. However, it can be a little bit more complicated than that when you’re looking down at the somewhat intimidating situation of figuring out which car to purchase as your first. Sure, you may have a level head on your shoulders and some sort of idea of what you want to buy, however, when you have to factor in different circumstances like budgets, insurance, and what your parents will allow you to have, it can make the situation all that much more difficult to pick out just the right ride.

This time, we check out another opinion on the web about how exactly somebody in this very situation might be able to grapple with it and what they might want to pick out as just the right ride. After all, even if there are a lot of factors that you need to consider, at the end of the day, your first car is very important. As your first taste of real freedom, you definitely want something that’s going to pretty well describe who you are along with being something that’s reliable and won’t falter on you, especially at a point in time in your life where shelling out money for repairs probably isn’t exactly something that’s in the budget.

If you follow along with the video down below, you get a guided tour of what exactly long time mechanic and automotive YouTuber, Scotty Kilmer, thinks about what exactly a kid should be looking at when they’re trying to purchase their first ride and what should probably be avoided. After getting the chance to dissect this list for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of the group of potential suitors here. Can you think of any others that you would like to add or do you think that the list is perfect exactly the way that it is?