The Best "Hold My Beer" Compilation Yet! Some of Those Hurt...

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When you head out on an ATV or any recreational vehicle for that matter, there are some big dangers that can lie in your path if you decide to take on some treacherous terrain. You never really know what can happen out there and how your ride is going to react to the input that you give it and everything that lies in its way. This time, we check out some ATV rides that have gone incredibly wrong.

Now, I can’t say that everyone here, or anyone for that matter, was drinking but, these are definitely some “hold my beer” moments as these guys went for an all, trying to show what they could do before coming crashing down. It doesn’t look like anybody got to severely injured but some of the crunches here look like they could’ve taken a minute to shake off. As for the ATVs involved, I’m not sure if any of them made it out alive! These machines took some pretty hearty beatings as they were thrown down the sides of massive hills and otherwise put through the wringer in more ways than one.

Check out the video below that takes you along for the ride that you would rather see than be a part of. Coming crashing down like that can’t feel good in any way but then again, I guess you realize that that’s the risk you take when you want to play the game! Which one of these teeth-grinding situations do you think was the most painful be a part of?

ATV Rolling Down Hill Compilation

Hold my beer…

Posted by JukinVideo on Thursday, May 25, 2017