The Coolest Chihuahua in the World Wears a Helmet and Rides a Motorcycle

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

When it comes to riding companions, we aren’t sure there are any out there that are cooler than this Chihuahua! Riding in his own little carrier on the back of his human’s motorcycle, this pup is one hundred percent ready for a road trip. Decked out with a helmet, goggles and a bomber-style jacket like a true companion, he’s clearly done this before.

The Chihuahua, who answers to the appropriately-chosen name “Digger”, looks right at home on the back on the bike, with his tiny little helmet-clad head poking out and his paws perched atop the carrier to provide him some stability as he and his biker human hit the roads for their next adventure. While most dogs would pitch a fit about having a helmet and goggles strapped on their heads, Digger seems to be ready to ride for hours, joining the biker for anything that comes their way on the open road.

The bond between this guy and his dog is obviously strong and this level of trust likely took years to build, but it’s worth the time and trouble invested to be able to just toss your furry four-legged companion on the back of your bike, strap on his helmet and goggles and ride wherever your heart desires. Without that trust, Digger would likely be very unhappy about having these accessories on his head and face. While it appears to be a pretty warm locale, the jacket will certainly keep the diminutive little co-rider warm when the speeds get higher and the wind gets chilly. Or they may be planning on riding after dark, when the temperature change is much more obvious if you’re on a bike cruising at highway speeds.

Wherever Digger and his human are off too, we wish them safe travels. We bet they get a lot of thumbs ups along the way!