The Difference Between The Dodge Demon and Hellcat In a 1/4 Mile Drag Race

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

The differences in Dodge’s top of the line Challengers, the Hellcat and the Demon, have been pretty widely chronicled, with the Demon having clearly been established as not only the king the hill in Dodge’s lineup, but currently the quickest ever production car in the quarter mile.

The Demon was pushed to some surreal numbers in testing, running well into the 9 second zone in the quarter mile. Many enthusiasts were skeptical about the production version of the car backing up those numbers, but owners have proven the testing numbers to be at least feasible, with a flurry of runs deep in the 10 second range and several production models also dipping into the 9’s.

The Hellcat, which is still among the most powerful cars on the market with it’s blown 707 HP HEMI powerplant, is hardly a slouch on the drag strip, but it’s heavier weight and stiffer, all-purpose suspension keep the car well short of the Demon’s numbers. Both cars are a blast to drive and the owners of both find their way to the drag strip often, leading to plenty of opportunities for the cars to go head to head through the quarter mile.

As you can see in this video from the Wheels YouTube channel, the Demon is just too much for the Hellcat. The Hellcat, in the lane nearest the camera, gets a visible jump off the line, but the Demon’s 840 HP HEMI engine closes the gap immediately and takes the lead before the car’s reach the 60’ mark. From there, the lead grows to just over a full second through the quarter mile, with the Demon crossing the stripe in 10.07 seconds at a stout 133 MPH. The Hellcat runs a respectable 11.09 at 124 MPH, which will easily take down most other sports cars on the road.

It’s a great time to be a gearhead, especially if you love domestic hotrods like these two!