The Final Days Of Stevie Fast's "Shadow" Part 3

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/18/2021

Yesterday, we brought you the first two installments of RAW3 TV’s “The Finals Days Of The Shadow” series chronicling the last race for Stevie Fast in Phil Shuler’s Shadow, the fox body grudge-car-turned-radial-badass that took Stevie for the ride of a lifetime at No Mercy 7. Today we have parts 3 and 4 in the 8-part series.

Installment three finds us joining Stevie and crew on the third day of testing at South Georgia Motorsports Park, where the crew has dropped in a fresh bottom end after kicking the rods in their previous test hit. With the engine buttoned up, they return to the starting line and make a hit, but smoke the tires at the drop of the throttle. The crew turns the car around quickly in the pits and head back to the staging lanes for another test shot, and this time they dial it down a bit and make it hook on a planned-shutoff run. When the camera joins Stevie at the top end following the run, he makes a casual statement that the car would usually flip over if they launch that soft. As most of you know, that statement would prove painfully prophetic.

As the Killin Time Racing crew performs their routine maintenance, they hear the call for the final test session and have to rush back to staging to make the call. In the final warm-up, the Shadow bites hard and the nose lifts just before mid track and Stevie has to lift to keep the car on the ground. Testing completed, we’ll be back with Part 4!