The Hate Tank As He Does Tail Slide To 180 Fakie Against The Torch 2.0 Mustang.

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

If you’ve followed no time racing much at all, especially in the northern part of the country, you’ve almost certainly seen or at least heard about Hate Tank. This sinister murdered-out 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner that has… well… we don’t know what exactly it has under the hood.

As you know, a big part of the grudge game is keeping your combination as secret as possible helps you sneak up on the opposition and drop the hammer on them without them knowing what to expect.

The only thing we do know for sure about the car is that it is turbocharged, meaning the combo could literally be good for anywhere from 800 horsepower to 3,500 and the fun part of this game is finding out the hard way, by putting up some cash and grabbing a lane next to this beast.

We’ve seen The Tank take down some quick rides, but today we see it going for a ride instead. It’s hard to say for sure so this is purely speculation on my part, but it sounds as if the car doesn’t come up on the chip on the line. For those who haven’t drag raced a high-powered car, if you leave at idle or close to it, the car doesn’t “load” the rear tires or suspension. Loading the tires and suspension pushes the tire into the track’s surface and increases traction by a massive amount, allowing the car to hook all that horsepower and make a solid pass.

If you fail to load the rear, the tires don’t have the same amount of traction, leaving the car much more susceptible to tirespin as the power comes on. That certainly seems to be what happened here, as the car just sounds lazy coming off the line, and as the boost begins to build, the rear tires break loose. The driver does a great job of wrangling the car back under control, but as soon as he gets back into the gas, the rear breaks loose and that’s all she wrote for the Tank. The car noses into the right side retaining guardrail, then spinning across the track toward the guardrail on the other side. The driver keeps the car off the opposite guardrail, but slides back into his own lane and bangs the nose of the car back into the rail in the right lane.

The car doesn’t appear to be too heavily damaged and will hopefully be fixed up and back on the track soon. Thanks as always to Urban Hillbilly Videos for their excellent footage from this event!