The Kawasaki H2R Sounds Like a Bat Out of Hell on the Dyno!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

On the surface, the 326hp cranked out during this dyno pull might not seem like a ton, but when you factor in the weightlessness of a bike, that 300+hp seems like a heck of a lot more. Just imagine that same power to weight ratio being transferred to a car. You’d be talking about power numbers in the thousands at that point to propel your ride through the streets or down the track.

This time, we check out the Kawasaki H2R as it hits the dyno to make a couple of pulls and ends up putting on a flame show for the crowd! Not only does the machine make good numbers and scream like a bat out of hell, but it also takes the opportunity to spit out some flames on a gnarly deceleration, making this thing not only powerful and good sounding, but also a complete sideshow to watch as it rolls!

This thing roars to life and gives us plenty of fantasies about what it’s capable of when it hits the ground running. I think that it’s safe to make the call that the H2R is really one serious machine! When out riding it, the experience has to be comparable to stuffing a rocket in between your legs and letting loose! I could imagine that just about anything that you do on this machine has to be a pure adrenaline rush.

Check out the dyno video for yourself and tell us what you think of this wicked bike. It would have to take balls of steel to hop on this thing and go for a wide open spin! Is the Kawasaki H2R something that you would dare to hop on and crack that throttle wide open? If it is then you’d better be ready to hang on for dear life!

Credit: Estefano Sangoer

Posted by GuyHumor on Tuesday, June 13, 2017