The Most Intense Fighter Jet Take Off Ever? He Went Straight Up!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If you want to talk about something that’s a pure adrenaline rush, taking nothing but momentum and using it to throw you into your seat, making the hair on the back your neck stand up and allowing you to really come alive, look no further than a fighter jet to make that happen. These things are really the echelon of performance as they take the liberty of applying some of the most intense G-forces that a human being will ever be able to go through as they weave through the sky, changing direction on a dime and proving that they are the best way to fly!

Among the folks that you’ll find up in the sky, some of the most fun to watch might be the Blue Angels. Odds are that you’ve heard of them and if you haven’t, they’re basically the Navy’s flight demonstration squadron that puts on displays unlike any other, allowing you to really see what these machines are capable of as a highly trained pilots put their skills to the test, weaving in and out of the air currents and absolutely showing their dominance over the open sky. There’s nothing like watching these pilots defy gravity as it seems like the laws of physics don’t really apply to them with each and every cut that they make in the air.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to see just one of the many displays that you might expect from these guys as a fighter jet gets ready for takeoff, “idling” slowly through the air before it eventually undergoes an insane amount of thrust when the pilot yanks the sticks backward and sends the craft straight upward, sending dirt flying in every which direction as the smooth machine plows through the air, showing that it’s just another day in the office, and that office happens to be pretty fun for spectators, like us, to watch.