The Most Violent Launches in Diesel Truck Racing!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

With torque numbers that have been known to break dyno rollers, diesel pickups make up a rapidly-growing segment of drag racing. These hefty haulers cover the quarter mile with some respectable ET’s, but they really put on a show in the first 60 feet.

These pickups are cranked all the way up as they stage for their runs down the 1320, and when they launch and transfer their massive torque loads to the rear tires, they launch as hard as many smaller, lighter purpose-built drag cars. I’m still getting used to the huge clouds of black smoke, but I could watch these launches all day. Covering the quarter mile in eleven seconds or less is no small feat, especially for trucks weighing 4,000 pounds or more.

Check out these diesel drag racers hitting the tires and ripping down the track. It’s definitely cool to see this relatively new segment of the sport getting some attention.