The Original Monkeemobile Pontiac GTO - Legendary

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

“The Monkees” is a sitcom that ran form 1966 to 1968 that actually gave rise to the band by the same name, a band that would go on to sell 75 million records and tour though 2011.

The show that launched the band featured this highly modified Pontiac GTO, and now a fan of the show has bought it for his own collection at the Barrett-Jackson Auction. The GTO, which has some over-the-top body modifications, such as the exaggerated nose that is both unique to the Monkeemobile and distinctly Pontiac at the same time.

The mods don’t stop at the nose, with the rear featuring similarly-styled modifications while maintaining its distinct GTO appearance. The most extreme change to the car is the interior, when has been expanded to include the trunk, and is covered by a one-off convertible top and a sloped, two-piece windshield. You can hear the excitement in the new owner’s voice as he goes over the list of modifications and revisits his childhood, when he fell in love with the car while watching the show after school.