The Power Of This Wheel Cleaner WIll Shock You! Brake Dust Be Gone!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If you have ever owned a vehicle that has had wheels with tons of spokes, you know just how hard it can be to try and keep them clean sometimes! Fighting off the brake dust on a set of nice wheels can be pretty much a full-time job depending on how meticulous you are with maintaining your rims.

Now, this method might not be for everybody and we’re not sure how it would cooperate with all kinds of different finishes but this scenario looks to be just about a dream for anyone who has tons of nooks and crannies on their wheels as this demonstration goes down in just seconds and appears to clean these things pretty darn thoroughly.

After spraying down the wheels with a substance that claims to be non-acidic and letting it sit for a while, the wheels are simply pressure washed off and all of that caked on brake dust seems to just fall off as it melts to the ground in a matter of just seconds. It’s actually pretty incredible to watch as this method of extreme cleaning comes to life. Check out the video below that shows off what could be one of the next big things in wheel cleaning. Even if this method isn’t for you, you have to admit that it seems to be a pretty quick and effective way of getting rid of some of that caked on crud.

A clean set of wheels definitely goes a long way toward making your ride look a world better!