The Rainbow Sheikh: World's Most Bizarre Car Collection

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

We have seen some pretty interesting car collections owned by some of the most interesting folks in the world, but this one is, perhaps, the most bizarre that we’ve ever laid eyes on.

While we do understand that every collector has their own taste, some of these cars just really don’t make much sense in the scheme of car collecting has a whole.

From the obscure globe on wheels to one of the largest pickup trucks in the world, this collection boasts a lot of unique rides. There are even some exotics sprinkled in here and there for good measure.

Things start to get weird, however, when we start seeing the likes of incredible average vehicles like a pristine Dodge minivan thrown into the mix.

Check out this interesting and confusing car collection as we get a good look at it in the video below. Which part of this collection surprised you the most?