The RC Monster Truck World Finals Looks Like Fun!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

Around the remote control community, all kinds of real life situations are scaled-down and emulated. Even though the size might be smaller, that doesn’t take away anything from the action at hand as the intensity is just as real.

This time, we take a look at the scaled down remote control Monster Truck Challenge 2016 World Finals as the miniaturized trucks are put to the task of going up against one another as they face a series of obstacles that will try to stop them from taking home the crown.

Come along for the ride as these things jump, launch, and weave in and out of all sorts of track elements as they attempt to post the fastest time of the group and go home with the crown.

Check out the video below that takes you along for the ride in this insane battle of wills that we are sure was a blast to be a part of. All that’s left to ask now is where do we sign up?