The sketchiest helicopter close call we have ever seen! This one is on the back of a boat!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

We have all had that moment where, for a brief second, your stomach feels like it’s going to drop out of the bottom of your body and a sensation of heat comes over your entire being. This fight or flight response might come about when something happens like, say, you’re about to hit a deer on the highway.

Now if you can recall having such a feeling, imagine taking it, shaking it up a little bit, and multiplying it by about 100. That was probably about the level of “oh sh*t” that the people inside of this helicopter were on with this botched take-off attempt.

Now, we would imagine that it would be rather difficult take off into the air when starting from a boat that is rocking around in the sea violently and this time that difficulty comes to life as this chopper attempts to lift off from the deck of an unstable boat.

We watch and our breath is taken away as the chopper attempts to gain some lift when it is stunted in its tracks, twirling around before immediately being plopped right back down to the deck. A couple of feet in another direction and they could have been going for a painful and possibly deadly swim.