The Spoiled Girl From Dr Phil Actually Got Her G-Wagon!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

It seems like every couple of months, in some way or another, Someone finds a way to wiggle into the limelight and really make the majority scratch their heads and wonder why exactly cameras are chasing these people around, however, as fate would have it, there’s something about these extra crash and burn scenarios, several of which have arisen from the Dr. Phil show, that just seem to capture everybody’s mind, giving us all a chance to look at the side of society that doesn’t exactly function as “normal,” whatever that is these days.

In the past couple of months, such a personality has arisen again and her name is Nicolette Gray. You might know her as the G-Wagon girl as she has found a way to rise to fame based on a spoiled personality that won’t accept anything less than a Mercedes-Benz G wagon as a first car. She showcased this on national television when she threw the ultimate temper tantrum. Since then, the Dr. Phil cameras have stopped rolling, however, it seems as if Nicolette was persistent enough to get mom to actually head out and shovel over the money that it would take to get her dream first car.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to join the scene as the paparazzi managed to catch up with her, asking her about the vehicle that she kind of complained about a little bit now but she’s got it. The member of the media also took a moment to, for one reason or another, catch up on who exactly the new “star,” and I use that term incredibly lightly, is beefing with. After you see so many of these kinds of personalities rise to fame for seemingly no reason, you have to begin to wonder if all of the Dr. Phil drama is nothing more than a work with fame as a motivator, similar to professional wrestling.