The Story of an All-Electric, Record-Shattering 1968 Mustang

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

This is an amazing story that has a certain magic about it. We love to see our fellow gear heads setting goals and going out and making their dreams come true. The story of the Zombie Mustang, appropriately named due to the insane all-electric powertrain, plays out like a movie as the car’s creator, Mitch Medford, goes after a couple of records in the standing mile.

The video opens with an interview with Medford, where we learn what his goals are and some of the story about the car itself and the following it’s built. It’s obvious from the get go that the charismatic Medford is driven to knock down the barrier for any electric car, as well as topping the 170 MPH mark that was once reached by the legendary Carroll Shelby in a 1968 Hatchback Mustang. With a ridiculous amount of juice in the cars battery pack and individual motors for each rear wheel, the car hits 60 MPH from a stop in under three seconds and has enough kick to pull the front wheels on the track if traction is there.

Medford heard about the Texas Mile, the bi-annual top speed event in the heart of the Lone Star State where hundreds of drivers have brought their car to measure it’s top speed through 5280 feet. Pulling the car off the trailer, Mitch heats up the tires and rips off a shakedown run that was literally less than a mile per hour of the electric car record. He bumped up the juice and made a second that obliterated the previous electric record of 155 MPH by more than 10 full miles per hour, tripping the beams at 166. Medford decided to squeeze every last bit of power out of his batteries and take one more shot at the hallowed 170 MPH mark.

With only an electric whirr and a lot of wind noise, the Zombie streaked to an amazing 174 MPH top speed on the final run, firmly establishing the Mustang as a record holder and overall badass hotrod that should never be taken lightly.