The Street Beast Looking Strong vs Swampthing at Galot NC Street Outlaws Live

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve likely seen, heard or read about Street Outlaw’s new spin-off series, No Prep Kings. What started with the massive no prep events in Bristol and Memphis has become so popular that Discovery Channel gave the series of on-track events its own show. We’ve seen many of the stars of both Street Outlaws shows join the heavy hitters from the no prep world on tracks all across the country to throw down and take home a stack of cash and bragging rights. National No Prep Racing Association caught up with the action at GALOT Motorsports Park in North Carolina, where the racers were duking it out for $40,000!

Street Outlaws star and perennial Top 10 List contender “Doc” Love and his Street Beast Monte Carlo made the haul from Oklahoma to take a shot at the big payday. He would run into a formidable opponent though in Chris Taggart and the ultra-cool Swamp Thing Chevy II Wagon racing out of southern Mississippi. Both cars are powered by massive-displacement engines that are fed a healthy dose of nitrous oxide and make a ton of power.

With the track being a little on the sketchy side, a constant factor in the no prep world, both cars laid down some fresh rubber with long smoky burnouts. They backed up carefully and eased up to the starting line, bumping in carefully before setting the trans brake and stomping on the throttle.

As soon as the green lights flashed, both cars were away, with Taggart having to pedal Swamp Thing quickly after spinning the tires shortly off the line. It probably wouldn’t have mattered, though, as Doc laid down a nearly-perfect run in the other lane and drove away on the top end to take the win and move on to the next round.