The Top 6 amazing big ship anchor drops in all their glory

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

Just like their smaller counterparts, large ships use anchors to secure themselves in one place when they are out in the middle of the water and don’t want to go adrift. It just so happens that their anchors are a little bit larger than the others.

As you can probably imagine, with the added weight comes another level of complication to getting that giant hunk of steel down to where it needs to be safely and efficiently. Naturally, the process calls for some pretty interesting sequences that bear their fair share of drama.

This time, we dive into six of the most insane anchor droppings from big-time ships. One wrong move here and it could be some rather expensive damage or even worse, injury or death.

Check out the video down below that get you up close and personal with the action. Any closer and they will have to start paying you to be a part of the crew that makes sure the anchor drop is successful.