The Twin Turbo Helleanor goes head to head with BAMF Racing! Near wreck!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/18/2021

You may have seen Cory Peters and his beautiful Helleanor TT Mustang on Street Outlaws, but the ’67 Fastback doesn’t only compete on the street. In this video from NXGonzo Video, Peters is in Denton Texas at famed Northstar Dragway lined up alongside BAMF Racing’s badass nitrous G-Body for a no-time grudge race.

There’s not a lot to say as the video tells the whole story, but basically the cars launched hard side-by-side and appeared to be in for a heck of a race. Just as it appeared Helleanor was building steam and starting to pull ahead, the Mustang lost traction and started to skate around, so Peters shut down the twin turbo powerplant. Meanwhile, in the right lane, Team BAMF’s Monte Carlo also began to lose traction around he same time, but the driver – possibly seeing Helleanor slow beside him – simply feathered the throttle and finessed the steering wheel, taking the win despite nearly tapping the retaining wall. The driver dropped the chutes and straightened out the rear end, allowing him to slow safely in the shutdown area while his team on the starting line celebrated the victory!

This is just one example of why grudge racing is huge right now. Looking at these cars side by side, most would put their money on Helleanor to take the win, but any car on the track is just one aborted run away from taking a loss!