The Video That Put Street Outlaws Farmtruck On The Map

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

All the way back in 2013, before any of us had even heard of Street Outlaws or “the 405” as anything but an area code, Farmtruck took the internet by storm when this video went viral, setting the stage for what would become on of Discovery Channel’s most popular series of all time.

Before we really knew of Big Chief and Murder Nova, Flip and the Elco, Doc, Monza, Derek or Dominator, almost all of us knew of Farmtruck. But not Farmtruck the man, the truck itself. This video spread like wildfire when it was first captured, and for good reason. While most of us aren’t really surprised by this footage, before anybody had any idea what they were looking at, it caught everybody off guard.

Looking to all the world like your run of the mill small block powered C10, the farm truck rolled to the line and bumped into the beams. With most in the stands expecting an elapsed time in the 16-second zone out of the crummy looking old pickup, you can hear a collective gasp and cheer from the crowd when the tree drops and the left front tire leaps high into the air. You hear and even bigger reaction when the tire pulls even higher into the air a bit down track, presumably when the second nitrous kit kicks in. From there, it’s nothing but hooking and booking as the truck hustles through the quarter mile timers to put up some insane numbers given the heft of the truck and the sloppy suspension. Clicking off a 10.21 ET at almost 130 MPH, the truck proved then what we all know now: It’s a Beast!

Of course, the chassis has been stiffened and the truck actually makes even more power now, probably enough to push it well into the 9-second range in the quarter mile based on these numbers. The truck doesn’t leave quite as spectacularly, but it’s safer and more consistent. What do you guys think of everybody’s favorite Farmtruck back in the day?