This Land Rover Has The Weirdest Doors We Have Ever Seen!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

We’ve most certainly heard of butterfly doors installed and that whole craze that went on during the early 2000s where the cool thing to do was to jazz your ride up with doors that look like they came off of a Lamborghini. Heck, we’ve even seen the trend of suicide doors hit the scene hard as inspired by old school rides like the Lincoln Continental boats of the 1960s but this time, we check out something that personally, I can’t really say that I have ever seen for myself. This door setup really provides something fresh and after you get past them, there’s a whole awesome stereo set up going on behind them.

When you take one look at this Land Rover, it would be natural to think that the sound system blew the doors right off of the hinges but when the door sits sideways, we find out that it was meant to be like that thanks to a trick hinge setup. Upon further exploration, thanks to the LifeofPrice, we’re able to see that this thing does actually boast quite the speaker system that looks like it could potentially manage to muster up the decibels to blow the doors right off of the hinges! This thing really hits hard when we get to dig into it.

Ride along in the video below as Jonathan Price takes us on the scene, getting us the inside look at yet another impressive set of speakers that’s enough to shake rattle and roll as it practically vibrates the concrete apart that sits beneath the SUV. If I were to summarize what this ride is all about in one sentence, I would say that this thing is built to impress, even if the person checking it out as a couple of blocks away!