The Wildest Save We Have Ever Seen at Light Out 8! Tom Bailey's Incredible Save

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Drag Week and street car legend Tom Bailey left his familiar Sick Seconds Camaro at home and slid into the cockpit of this insane Supercharged Oldsmobile Cutlass, bolted up a pair of drag radials on the rear, and headed to Duck X Productions’ season kickoff extravaganza, Lights Out 8.

In pre-race testing on Thursday, Bailey lined up for a run to see where the team stood as the first round of qualifying approached. He car left hard and appeared to be on a low-4 second run when the radials lost traction and sent Bailey on this wild ride, which gave him ample opportunity to stuff the car into the wall. Instead, Bailey reacted quickly and reigned in the Olds, saving it from destruction with a masterful driving job.

While he did take out the timing cones, there’s a reason they make them out of foam and keep dozens of extras on hand, and he was able to return to the track shortly after and take another shot at Radial vs the World.