The World's Fastest Fire Hose / Tow Strap Roller, The Wind-X!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

We love inventions that solve problems or help make life easier. When an invention does both, that’s awesome, and if it happens to be incredibly simple, then it doesn’t get much better than that. The video below is of one such invention, and since it is designed to help some of our local heroes do their jobs better, we just had to share it!

What you’re looking at is the Wind-X, a special attachment for a cordless drill that works in conjunction with the disk and bearing on the ground to reel up a firehose in a matter of seconds. This task hardly takes hours to do by hand, but it does take much longer than what the Wind-X make possible. Depending on where it’s placed on the hose, the Wind-X can roll the hose up in a double roll, where it can be pulled from both ends, or rolled into a single roll that pulls out while the roll itself stays put.

Check out the video below and see just how simple the Wind-X is to use and how quickly it gets the job done. We expect to see these in firehouses all over to help wrangle the hoses and speed up the rolling process. Knowing a little about fire hoses, it does seem like you would only want to use this in the grass, as dragging the couplings across concrete or asphalt could damage them. But it would still be easier to drag the hose to the grass and reel it up than to have to reel it by hand. As long as you use a little common sense, this could be a great time-saving addition to the firehouse. We can’t wait to see what new inventions come up to help solve more problems and make life easier, especially for our firefighter friends who risk their lives to save ours every day.