These Hammer-Proof Gloves Can Save Your Fingers

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Hammering your finger is one of those things we have all done that immediately makes us feel really dumb, even though everybody who’s ever swung a hammer more than a few times has done it.

Many who swing a hammer daily use gloves to offer some protection from the unexpected impact with their fingertips, but they protection they offer is minimal, at least until now. The video below features the equivalent to steel-toed boot protection for your fingers. These gloves have small cups in the end that can withstand a hammer blow, knives, saw blades and the crushing weight of cinder blocks, all things likely to be encountered on a job site. The cups are made of a highly durable thermoplastic that offers amazing protection for the finger tips without adding too much weight or bulk to the gloves.

Check out how well these gloves stand up to the abuse and protect the fingers inside.