These McLaren owners use their MP4-12Cs as Cigarette lighters!!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

If you have almost a quarter of a million dollars to spend on the likes of a McLaren MP4-12C, there are many uses that you could find to put those dollars to the test.

This time, it just so happens that the test that hand is lighting a cigarette off of the cars’ flaming exhaust systems. If you want to talk about crazy this is it.

We have seen some pretty expensive lighters, but this definitely trumps that gold-plated Zippo that your uncle gave you for Christmas last year and then some!

We can definitely attest to the fact that this is the most electrifying sounding cigarette lighter that we have ever heard. That note is most certainly distinct as it is pelted from the exhaust system with a belching fury of sound. Check out the demonstration below and tell us if you can think of any other obscure uses of such an exhaust system.