They Ran Over His VW Beetle With a Lifted Truck!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

The world may not be ready for the partnership that appears to be brewing as Parker from Vehicle Virgins and Mike, aka Street Speed 717. These two YouTube powerhouses are responsible for several of the most memorable automotive vehicles in memory, and the two of them working together could be a big deal.

While they’ve worked on a couple of videos over the past few weeks, this video marks their first actual hands-on project, and it’s about as significant as you’d expect from these two, who do a great job of mixing their serious content with outright silliness. With just a couple of hours to dedicate to this, Parker and Mike have decided to chop off the exhaust of Parker’s brand used VW Beetle and replace it with… nothing!

That’s right guys, these two guys, each of whom have owned and driven some of the most badass cars on the planet, are spending a morning straight-piping a Beetle, the ultimate chick ride. If you need any further evidence that this is a car intended for girls, look no farther than the headlights. However, Mike and Parker shall not let gender roles deter them from adding some significant grunt to the car, or at least to it’s exhaust note.

After struggling a little longer than necessary to get the car in the air with a jack and some ramps, they get to work cutting off the exhaust. Well, they set about cutting the exhaust off as soon as they make a run to the hardware store for a sawmill, which allows them to lop off the exhaust with only a minor injury to Parker’s ear.

With the exhaust gone the way of last week’s leftovers, they decided to spend Parker’s last few minutes in Pennsylvania parking Mike’s massive pickup truck on the Beetle’s hood, a stunt that crushes the VW’s radiator and leaves it immobilized. With that, Parker is headed back home, but something tells me we haven’t seen the last of these two together.