Thieves Arrested After a Chop Shop Cuts Up a Ford GT

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

We’re not gonna lie… This is HARD to watch.

Professional thieves don’t buy cars to drive and then later dump in a field with the radio and wheels missing. The true pros seek out valuable cars, wait on their chance to snatch them, then begin dismantling and selling off the components to the highest bidder. These thieves had no regard for the pure badassness that is the Ford GT, unceremoniously chopping the domestic supercar into large chunks and crating it up to sell. With six figures on the line in pure profit, these guys knew the car was a home run, but their luck ran out thanks to a tip phoned in to CrimeStoppers in La Jolla, California.

Along with the pieces of the GT, police found two Porsches, home electronics, and artwork. While it’s unclear what all have already been moved through the shop, many of the items’ owners were fortunate enough to get their stuff back. The thieves are facing a list of charges and will hopefully be off the streets for years to come.