This 1975 Bedford KM Detroit is Packing 9.0 litres and a Twin Turbo 2 Stroke Diesel V6 With 800hp

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Generally speaking, when we’re talking about diesel performance here at Speed Society, we’re discussing diesel pickup trucks on the drag strip. Well this time, things are a little bit different. Instead of a pickup, this Diesel engine is powering a full on semi rig, and instead of racing in a straight line down the 1320, this behemoth is built for ripping around the twisties of a road course. We’ve seen clips of these trucks in action but never really knew what went into pushing them at such high speeds around the course.

As it turns out, it’s exactly the kind of badass engine you would expect to push a 1975 Bedford truck around a winding road course. This one in particular is a massive nine liter Detroit diesel two stoke with a couple of turbos cramming air into the engine! Cranking out 800 horsepower and likely double that number in foot/pounds of torque. Those kinds of numbers are impressive, and the truck has obviously been modified to take full advantage of the awesome powerplant chugging away under the cab. The rig has received a great deal of aerodynamic modification to help reduce drag, including a massive rear wing that helps keep the lightened rear end planted at high speeds. Of course the truck has likely had as much weight as possible remove from its huge frame to take advantage of the added horsepower as well.

We wish this video featured more footage of the truck in action, but it still gives us a great look at a few of the the details of the build, and some great still shots of the truck in action. Hopefully we can round up some footage of these trucks hitting the track full speed to see just what kind of speeds they’re capable of. Look out, drag trucks, there’s a new Diesel performance niche!