This 24 volt conversion for an ATV powerwheel is genius

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

When your dad is rock bouncing YouTube sensation, MadRam11, we would venture to say that you’re not going to grow up wielding just any ride. You’re going to have something a little bit more rad than the rest of the kis=ds on the block.

This time, we check out what the result of a little bit of modification to a Power Wheels ends up being as dad gets to work to give this toy a little bit more pep.

With a few simple swaps, the 12-volt ride has now received a 24-volt conversion kit and the result is enough to make mom chew her fingernails. In all seriousness, the end product looks like a blast as Reid blasts around, spinning tires before he even turns three!

Check out the video below that shows what the conversion kit is capable of. In our humble opinion, every child who is lucky enough to get their hands on a Power Wheels should have the chance to experience this upgrade. It’s only right!