This 88 year old grandpa's reaction to a Dodge Viper will make you smile

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

With so many things to argue about in this day and age ranging from politics to sports and everything in between, sometimes it’s nice to all be able to agree about something and that something here happens to be horsepower.

This time, we ride along as YouTuber, JRGarage, takes his 88-year-old great grandfather along for a ride in his Dodge Viper that has just a little bit of work done to it and is laying down major power. His great grandfather’s reaction to the car is something that will make you smile throughout the rest of your day no matter what background you’re from.

We found it pretty neat that the Viper wielding kid was able to brighten up the day of this older gentleman by simply taking him along for a ride and getting to maybe half or three-quarters of the throttle potential.

Check out the video below that brings this great grandson and his great grandfather together for a couple of minutes over a car, just like many generations have bonded over before. Getting together in the garage or around a car like this one is a tradition that needs to keep on keeping on!