This All Terrain Wheel Chair Lets Those Who Can't Explore Go Wherever They Want

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

While those among us with disabilities or handicaps have certainly made it clear they are capable to doing just about anything they put their mind to, there have been a few obstacles preventing them form exploring the more extreme areas of nature. Traditional wheelchairs and even power chairs just aren’t very stable or powerful when it comes to climbing steep hills or traversing uneven terrain.

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Well now that has changed, thanks to the HexHog all-terrain power chair. With six beefy treaded tires set out wide and a powerful motor on board, the HexHog easily climbs steep, uneven hills, scrambles easily over rough terrain and even powers through shallow streams. A setup like this is exactly what an adventurous explorer needs to get off the sidewalks and into the wild without needing assistance from others. Hopefully the HexHog will be just what our handi-capable friends need to get their nature fix!

This is an all-terrain wheelchair

It gives people total independence

Posted by Viral Thread on Friday, February 24, 2017