This Anti Rattle Hitch Mod Will Stop the Common Problem of Hitch Noise When Towing!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

If you tow a trailer often, or even if you rarely tow, you may have noticed an annoying rattle from your receiver hitch setup. You aren’t alone, as this problem has plagued pickup owners since receiver hitches became preferred over bumper ball towing.

In the video below, you can learn a great way to solve this problem. It’s hardly a simple solution and may be a outside the capabilities of some of our readers, but we’d be willing to bet you have a friend who can fab this up for you in his garage one weekend for a few bucks and a few cold beers. A little time, a little know-how and the information held in this video should be all that is needed to eliminate that pesky rattle from your life, while also providing a little added security to your hitch as well.

All in all, this solution is very effective and is comprised of parts you may well have laying around your shop or garage. If not, a trip to your local hardware store should be all you need.