This Engine Failure Compilation Will Make You Want To Go The Extra Mile on your Build

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

There is something a little bit satisfying about watching an engine let go on the dyno, as long as it isn’t your car strapped to the rollers. This video compilation features some of the most spectacular catastrophic engine failures we have ever seen, and while we would never take joy in the pain of others, we were definitely wowed by the complete destruction of these explosions.

From the EVO that blows the radiator apart to the Dodge diesel that nearly hits the onlookers with chunks of engine, each of these failures cause some significant damage, though we are fairly certain none of them are as bad as the Sub Zero SUV that nearly splits the block in half when the engine decides to let go under wide-open throttle and the insides come outside and leave a hole in the block that you can literally see the other side of the room through.

Go ahead and crank up that volume and watch as these power plants decide they are done with life and come apart in pretty insane fashion!