This Fighter Jet Power Takeoff is Epic! No Steam Catapult, Pure Afterburner!!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

These guys are just showing off now! There was a scene in Top Gun where no more fighters could be launched from the aircraft carrier because the catapult was broken. This left the planes already in the air without much needed support, though they ended up coming out on top. If those F-14’s could do this, that wouldn’t have mattered!

This jet doesn’t need the steam powered catapult to launch from the deck. Instead, it just locks down the brakes, slams the throttle to wide open, kicks on the afterburners and then lets all of the thrust fly as it powered into the sky under its own power, and it did so with ease. This could be a game changer in sea-based aerial combat, as the jets can just line up and launch without waiting on the catapult to reset, meaning our boys can get in the air quicker to take care of business.

The power takeoff, without steam catapult, Pure afterburner!! Russian Navy MiG-29KR…

Posted by Uptrend Engineering & Construction on Wednesday, May 3, 2017