This Guy Has a Go Kart Track in His Front Yard... Goals!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If you ask a little kid if they would want to go kart track at their house, I think that pretty much all of them would answer “yes.” To be honest, the little kid in all of us would probably jump at the opportunity to have our own personal go kart setup and, for many of us, we never really outgrow that frame of mind. The difference between this guy and most other adults, though, is that he actually put that mindset used and went out there and created his very own go kart track in his front yard.

In this one, we watch as a couple of friends get together at a buddy’s house to show us how the track operated, slipping through the turns and carving corners impressively as it looks like they are pretty evenly matched as they make their way through the circuit and are probably having a blast the whole time!

This major plot of land probably helps in the effort to have something like this but this is really something that more people should strive for, doing what makes them happy and not worrying about being an adult all the time. Yes, you have to be practical but, on the other hand, just imagine having go karts in your yard!

Check out the video down below that provides you with an onboard display from one of the drivers as he straps on a helmet cam and goes ripping around this personal go kart track. When these guys are getting together deciding whose house they’re going to hang out at, I bet that this guy’s place is always the crowd favorite! Now all you have to do is head out there and do this for yourself or maybe just find a friend who has figured out a way to cram this much action into their regular life!

How to make your house more awesome:Step One: Make sure your "driveway" is really long and windingStep Two: Add kerbsStep Three: Buy some go kartsStep Four: Invite some friendsStep Five: Wait for rainCredit: Them Taylor boys

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