This Horn is Way Bigger Than a Train Horn

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If you happened to be around in the earlier days of YouTube, you might have seen the train horn prank videos that had plagued the web in every direction that you looked. Pranksters would roll up on the unsuspecting and blast train horns, getting a little laugh while putting together a video on the whole ordeal. This time, however, we check out one mega horn that would most definitely put just about any train horn to shame. This beast of a machine is able to crank out some decibels that would make your ears bleed and then some.

This time, we ride along with someone who happens to be testing out a Leslie Tyfon 425-DVE ship horn in his yard. The massive horn manages to crank out 66 Hz, completely shaking the ground around it! I don’t think that this guy’s neighbors are going to be too friendly with him if he keeps on playing with this one! On the other hand, though, I’m just imagining all the possibilities that could come into reality with such an instrument like this. The inner child in me wants to run around and have a lot of fun with this thing, doing juvenile things like scaring people.

The video below will take you inside of this noise making device that came off of a Great Lakes bulk carrier steamship and was sent to be scrapped before being rescued by these enthusiasts. I’m not sure exactly what you would do with something like this but I’m sure that, after thinking about it for a while, you can come up with a pretty creative way to put the massive horn to use. After checking out the video below of yourself, be sure to tell us what you would do with such a horn should it fall into your possession.