This is The Worst Nightmare When Opening Your Gas Door... Wasp Nest!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

We’re going to paint a picture for you. Just imagine it being about 6 o’clock in the morning. You just woke up and are getting ready to head out to work but on the way to work, you need to fill up your car with gasoline. You make it to the gas station and in your half asleep state, open your gas door and discover that there is a wasp’s nest inside the door next to your gas cap, making your heart nearly jump out of your chest as you go to fill up! Short of starting a fire, that would be about a worst-case scenario for a fill up that you could think of.

Now, I’m not necessarily sure if this person was on their way to work when they discovered this little treasure behind their gas door but they had to deal with the problem all the same. Thankfully, they took a minute to capture this little video because it surely is an interesting watch as the person behind it all has to carefully navigate with a stick to try and get the angry creatures away.

This most certainly is a sticky situation that would require some care and probably a good amount of distance between you and the nest. Normally, you’d just hide out and used a can of liquid exterminator to get rid of the problem from a distance but in a scenario like this, I’m not exactly sure that the chemical is something that you would want to spray on your paint. There are so many factors involved here that just make this situation one that you wouldn’t really want to be in.

Check out the ordeal for yourself down in the video below that puts you on the scene of this pest emergency. If you discovered a collection of angry bugs in your gas compartment, how would you handle getting rid of them? Personally, I know that I would carefully tiptoe around this issue because getting those things provoked is about the last thing that I’d want to do.