This Is What An F-22 Engine Startup Sounds Like

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Most of the time, beasts like the F-22 are to be admired from afar or are caught in action only while they’re soaring way above the Earth’s surface. They can give off mystical undertones as they glide through the air, slicing through the sky like a hot knife through butter as the pilots behind the controls expertly yank them wherever they need to be as these airborne crafts really make it all come together as they exhibit the ability to give the person in control the ability to turn on a dime and really crank it up to jump to insane speeds at the snap of your fingers.

This time, we catch a video that gets down to the nitty-gritty and shows what it’s like to prepare one of these mean machines for startup and fire them up! It’s a pretty neat process to watch and we have to say that once you make it to the end, there’s quite a sizable payoff as this baby really screams! There are very few sounds and feelings that can compare to all that you get when you’re in the presence of a fighter jet like this! It’s really a powerful presence to say the least as you can practically feel the muscles on this thing flexing their way to dominance.

Check out the scene that isn’t so commonly sighted in the video below and witness the sound behind the majesty of these fighter jets. After seeing this one for yourself, tell us what you think of the entire process. Personally, we have to say that every time we’re able to see a video like this, we can’t help but be blown away and thrown back in our seats to the point where you just have to stop what you’re doing and stare in awe!