This is Why All Truckers Should have a Dash Cam!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Having grown up around, and even spending several years working for my dad’s trucking company, I can tell you from first hand experience that the vast majority of truck drivers are well-trained, incredibly careful drivers. They have a massive responsibility to pay attention to the road, not only to protect their equipment but to protect those around them. With weights reaching 80,000 pounds, they absolutely must pay attention to the road in front of and beside them, and even behind them, to do their jobs well.

Many truckers have added dash cams to combat the propensity for others to blame the big rig for any and all incidents, and sometimes we get our hands on some pretty crazy footage from them! For example, this video shows what happens when a couple of cars tangle up on the interstate and one of them takes a wild ride!

The driver of a Volkswagen with plastic over the drivers window opening apparently doesn’t see the Grand Am to his left and begins to swap lanes. At the last second, he realizes the other car is there and jerks back to the right, then overcorrects and sideswipes the Pontiac, sending it across a lane and directly into the path of the eighteen wheeler. The trucker saw what was happening and jumped on the brakes, but it was too late and he tagged the Grand Am, sending it nose first into the center divider, where it appears to roll over.

The driver of the truck stops promptly and likely radioed to the highway patrol about he accident, and the Volkswagen stopped – precariously in the middle left lane – to hopefully offer help as well.