This is why you always wear eye protection, Supercharger explodes in mechanics face

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

In the day to day grind of wrenching on a car, it could be somewhat easy to forget about using proper safety equipment when a long while goes by and you haven’t had any dangerous blunders happen.

However, as you can probably imagine, mishaps like this can arise at any given time and bear danger on their back that can escalate to deadly levels if you aren’t careful around machines like these.

This time, we head to the pits of a drag race to check out a crew working on a race car when an unlikely scenario unfolds and brings danger to the forefront.

While working on the car in between races as is pretty normal with this kind of racing, we watch as the supercharger on the car explodes, sending smoke into the air and probably pieces of debris flying as well. It looks like the mechanics were able to avoid injury.

This just goes to show you why it’s important to protect your eyes in a scenario like this. We get that you can’t be 100% safe all of the time, but taking small steps for a little bit of insurance certainly wouldn’t hurt.