This Jet Ski is No Joke! Rotax Supercharged Sea Doo With 400+HP

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

This is what happens when you take an already-peppy Sea Doo and add a supercharger and some other go-fast parts to the mix. This thing screams across the open water like a banshee, hitting speeds over 80 MPH and accelerating like a bullet! Thanks to the supercharger and a shorter impeller, the ski is setup for a short race course, and would be capable of speeds closer to 90 MPH with a larger impeller.

The Sea Doo, which is powered by a Rotax engine that makes great power in stock form, features a host of upgrades to support the added power and torque from the supercharger, including aftermarket pistons and an upgraded fuel system. The setup is good for over 400 HP and sounds great to boot, with the whine of the supercharger just audible over the engine itself as the rider puts it through the paces.