This Machine Dismantles and Dismounts Old Tires To Get Ready For Recycling

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

I’m sure I’m not the only one that just assumed old tires were thrown into some big machine that just melted them down into a vat of rubber and strained out the steel belts like magic. Apparently that isn’t the case, though.

This clip shows us the beginning of the recycling process, dismantling the carcass of an old tractor tire and removing it from the wheel. It’s not as simple as just pulling it off and tossing it. First the machine splits the tire in half to make smaller, easier to manage rings of rubber. Then each half is peeled off of the inner liner. The liner itself is removed next, followed by the small bead section left stuck to the rim.

By the time this machine is finished, there’s nothing left on the wheel but paint, and the tire is broken down completely and ready to head off and be remade into another tire. This machine seems like it would be easy to learn and fun to try, and the process is very satisfying to watch!