This might be the worst Promod crash we have ever seen

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

If you want to go fast on race day, you have to accept the fact that drag racing is a dangerous sport and embrace the fact that all hell may break loose if one thing goes wrong.

This time, something did go wrong and it sent a Promod heading sideways as it ripped down the track at speeds nearing the 200mph mark. That has to be the most insane feeling ever to go sideways with that sort of momentum.

As the car crosses the centerline, we watch is it collides with the competitor and the car gets torn to pieces in the midst of the crash as the other car is able to skate away with what looks like minimal damage.

The video below captures all of the action as these two tangle up in a race that they won’t soon be forgetting. Hopefully, they were able to get all of the loose ends tied up and get back to racing before long.