This Monday Night on Street Outlaws Things Get Super Salty! Teaser Inside!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Season nine of Street Outlaws is in full swing and the heavy hitters from the 405 are wasting no time bringing drama to the Top 10 List! Ryan Martin, who has been on the show in the past, wants a shot at the list in his twin-turbo 5th Gen Camaro known as the Fireball.

It appears that Martin is met with some resistance from longtime OKC badass Daddy Dave, who doesn’t seem to be fond of Martin’s sudden interest in jumping on the list. Could that be based on Ryan’s “new guy” status, or could it be because The Fireball is one of very few cars on the street that can claim to have been quicker on the track than every car in the Top 10?

Regardless of the reason for the pushback, Daddy Dave seems hell bent on keeping Martin off the list, plus there is sure to be plenty of other drama as the 405’s crew fights for position on Monday, so tune in to Discovery Channel Monday night and see how things play out!

This Motor Monday

A salty night indeed.

Posted by Street Outlaws on Saturday, April 15, 2017