This Porsche Was Found 26 Years After It Was Stolen Then Police Saw Bones On The Ground Nearby

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When a vehicle gets stolen, most of the time, owners might expect to never see it again. That’s simply because in many cases, such vehicles will head straight to the chop shop where they will be cut up and parted out. It’s pretty hard to trace a vehicle when it’s in hundreds of unidentifiable pieces traveling to all different locations across the world. However, this time, we check out a situation with a Porsche that the owner probably had kissed goodbye after a couple of years and a quarter of a century later, it was again uncovered.

The situation is rather strange as everything was unearthed when a guy who was walking his dog along a trail discovered the Porsche upside down with a collection of bones laying nearby. Upon reporting the finding to police, they would come out and investigate to see exactly what was going on at which point they discovered that it was stolen 26 years ago and never recovered, that is, until now. How much good the car would be after sitting upside down for decades is undetermined, however, it’s pretty interesting to watch the story unfold right in front of our eyes to see how the car managed to get here.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to see exactly what happened with this Porsche and how it ended up where it did along with the story that accompanies the machine. You have to wonder what goes through somebody’s head if they’re alerted to the idea that their car has since been recovered some 26 years later after it was stolen in the first place. Personally, for me, I would be raring and ready to see what was left of the car after not being able to see it for all those years and how it managed to survive after sitting upside down in the woods all that time.