This Slow Motion Footage of a Valve Spring in Action is Mesmerizing!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Naturally, as an engine runs we don’t really get to take a look inside of it but I’m sure that a good portion of us have seen what it looks like when valve springs are firing away, compressing at hundreds of times per minute, so fast that you can barely see what’s happening.

This time, however, we get the chance to see a valve spring in a very different environment as someone has taken the liberty of filming such action but then also adds another plot twist into the mix in which they slow it all down so that we can see the spring vibrating frame by frame.

It might sound like a pretty simple undertaking but when you watch it down in the video below, it actually ends up being quite mesmerizing. Without a slowed down video like this, it’s really hard to visualize all of the motion and vibration that these springs go through on a regular basis.

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